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Shine Vira, is a singer-songwriter, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with African roots. I grew up as a Refugee living in different countries in Africa. My life was not easy as a child, but God kept me alive. In a life of confusion, being immersed in music was my hope and my strength, and I sang in and led several choirs. Outside of music, I grew up in an environment of fear and shame. I chose to be alone or hide from everyone as other people were not safe. I was misused by many people and did not know who I was or where I came from BUT KNOW Shine Vira is an Edmontonian an upcoming Music artist a singer-songwriter of inspirational music. I love afrobeat, Reggae, and Gospel. After a long time of suffering under a core wound of rejection, I choose to fight a MENTAL HEALTH Problem with my music. Telling my story Trough music is my own way of healing and I believe that my music can bring hope, not only for me but to all of our people from Edmonton to the world. My music brings me healing and hope for the future. I am currently finished working on my first album which is an estimony of hope for myself and others who have come through trauma or darkness. 


Artistic Background

A Musical Journey

I have been singing and writing music most of my life. I have been a participant in both English, Ikinyarwanda, and Swahili choirs. Over time I became a choir leader, helping choir members develop their talent and composing original music for the choirs to sing, and organizing their concert schedule and logistics. I have never had formal vocal training, but as I joined choirs from a young age I have had a lot of experience with singing and even mentoring others in singing.

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