Shine Vira

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Putting stories of healing and hope to music, with sincere hope that the listener can relate and find self love.


All About ShineVira

The Freedom to Create

My name is Shine Vira, a singer-songwriter, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada with African roots. I grew up as a Refugee living in different countries in Africa. My life was not easy as a child, but God kept me alive. In a life of confusion, being immersed in music was my hope and my strength, and I sang in and led several choirs. Outside of music, I grew up in an environment of fear and shame. I chose to be alone or hide from everyone as other people were not safe. I was misused by many people and did not know who I was or where I came from. In 2014 I received the opportunity to come to Canada. I was so happy to come to a new country where I could be safe and have the opportunity to get an education and experience freedom and human rights. When I arrived I started a new life where I could go to school and work as I had hoped.

Being in a new country wasn’t easy, and my social communication was stunted because of what I had lived through. I realized that I needed to reach outside of myself for help when my driver’s license was suspended and I didn’t understand why. In a step of bravery, I asked a man who spoke my language for help to understand the laws and get back my car. He later broke my trust, forcing himself on me, which led to a pregnancy and a return to darkness and mistrust of people, even in Canada I was not safe. 

But out of the darkness came light. I now have a beautiful three-year-old daughter named Heaven and Joy. And I have met people who are trustworthy and love me for who I am. My music brings me healing and hope for the future. I am currently working on my first album, called Fire-horse as a testimony of hope for myself and others. 


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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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